Chomu Palace

Chomu Palace: A Wedding Venue Where History Comes Alive

Formerly the mighty Chomugarh Fort, which was built by the successors of Prithvi Raj Chauhan, the Chomu Palace is now converted to a star-rated hotel. It is now one of the most preferred destination wedding venues in Jaipur for a number of reasons.

History Comes Alive

With history seeping almost everywhere, this property is unique by the dint of its aristocratic ambience and unique architectural design. A welcome combination of the old world hospitality, along with all the modern amenities makes for more reasons to book your rooms here. Each suit features elements of unmatched luxury. It includes marble bathrooms, deluxe toiletries, antique furniture and many more. Different Venues For Different Needs

The property has a number of banquet halls. The Darbar Hall, for example, is an indoor venue, having a seating capacity of 200. The outdoor courtyard can also comfortably accommodate about 200 guests. On the other hand, the Sheesh Mahal, an indoor venue with about 100 seating, is appropriate for a smaller, more private wedding in Jaipur.
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