Heritage Retreat

The Heritage Retreat As A Venue For A Gala Wedding

A little off the main roads from the heart of Jaipur, the Heritage Retreat is a dream wedding venue for couples looking for a luxurious venue, yet not letting go the true essence of traditional Rajasthan.

The No-Stress Wedding

The property includes a vast 12 acres of land, with cottage type accommodations for the guests. There are battery operated cars to help the guests move around. The tranquil atmosphere, barred from just about any type of pollutions comes as an incentive. This automatically makes the venue a relaxing one, and a great hotel in Jaipur for wedding.

Other Facilities

The property has a separate block that houses the Food and Beverage outlet, gym, spa, swimming pools, banquet and lobby. Decorated in the motif of the regal Rajasthani heritage, destination wedding planners in Jaipur often recommend this property for those looking for a grand marriage ceremony, without going overboard with the budget.
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