Samode Bagh

Samode Bagh For A Wedding With A Rustic Charm

 Imagine driving through a lush rural countryside, chancing upon an ancient wall while travelling, and wondering what might lie on the other side of it. Well, when our patrons are in Jaipur, chances are that they are in the palatial property of Samode Bagh, a dream destination wedding venue for many.

Samode Bagh

As a premier, destination wedding planner in Jaipur, we recommend Samode Bagh, which takes just 40 minutes’ drive from Jaipur to reach, and shares a proximity to the historically enriched Samode Palace. With palatial marble facades to well-groomed horses in the stable, this well-manicured garden is a super nice option for a wedding venue.

 What To Expect

 We can arrange for calm, comfortable and clean accommodations at Samode Bagh for those looking for a wedding venue with a rustic charm. Those looking for something different from that of hotel in Jaipur for wedding can also book exquisite tents. The outdoor facilities like bonfire, terrace, pool tables and many more come as incentives.

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